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At the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy we’re not just a training academy, we’re a movement to create healthier and happier individuals, workplaces and communities.

Our flexible, effective and scalable wellness programs empower individuals, workplaces and communities to live healthier, happier lives with optimum wellbeing, vitality and sustainability.

About ASWA

ASWA’s concept of providing roadmaps for wellness in life, workplaces and businesses, are excellent innovations that provide opportunity for leaders, and future leaders, to participate in innovative and valuable development programs.
Natalie Singh
People and Culture Business Partner, Health Club Industry, Australia
Skills and strategies for life and leadership are vital for personal sustainability. The leader of any business needs to be a positive role model of balancing life and work priorities for wellness within themselves personally, and within the workplace that they lead. This then filters down through the team and supports the building of a strong, innovative, resilient and collaborative environment that stays on purpose.
Matt Gill
Principal of MCG Legal, Specialists in Family Law and Property Law, Australia
The Australasian Sustainable Wellness  Academy is the Australian Wellness education pioneer that the beauty, spa, massage and natural therapies leaders and visionaries have been waiting for. I am honoured to have been one of the Industry Advisors involved in the development of the courses and I am looking forward to seeing the positive changes that the graduates of the Academy’s courses will drive out in the industry.
Sarah Kolkka
Spa and Wellness Manager, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, Australia
Luxury hotel companies such as Soneva Resorts, would benefit from, not only spa and wellness practitioners, but from all our team members having a sound understanding of wellness and leadership. These skills are essential to meet consumer demand of added value wellness experiences trends that have emerged over the past decades, as well as for overall optimum health of individuals and the planet. We are enthusiastic about ASWA’s innovative progression in wellness education.
Sonu Shivdasani and Eva Malmstrom
Innovators of SLOWLIFE, Founders of Six Senses Resorts & Spas, and CEO & Creative Director of Soneva

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Wellness Courses

Personal enrichment and new skill sets for a thriving life, career and business.

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10299NAT Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program

ASWA's accredited Diploma of Wellness leadership program provides the

Wellness Within – Individual Program

This program will give you the tools and techniques

Coming Soon: Secrets of Service Excellence

Secrets of Service Excellence – Coming Soon It’s the

Coming Soon: 10 Essential Steps for Business Planning

10 Essential Steps for Business Planning – Coming Soon

Coming Soon: Achieving Optimum Profit Potential

Achieving Optimum Profit Potential – Coming Soon! Are you

Coming Soon: Recruiting, Reviewing and Retaining Human Talent

Recruiting, Reviewing and Retaining Human Talent – Coming Soon!

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