Our Approach

Here at the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy (ASWA), we know that when individuals thrive, teams and organisations are more likely to thrive.

Our whole-person, whole-organisation approach to mental health and wellbeing is a framework that is aligned with ISO 45003 International Standards and WHS obligations. To be sustainable, wellness needs to be led from an inside-out approach. If it’s not sustainable, it’s not successful. Achieving sustainable results requires relevant skills, powerful strategies and experienced guidance and support during the development and implementation phases.

Both employers and employees benefit from our award-winning approach to wellness. Employees learn how to live their best life and deal with day-to-day challenges to achieve whole life balance, using an evidence-based framework based on proven principles of wellbeing and leadership.

Employers benefit from having empowered employees, with managers and leaders enabled to cultivate a healthy culture from within the organisation – for enhanced engagement, cohesion, wellbeing, performance and sustainability.


Our Mission

Wellness should be within everyone’s reach – that’s our philosophy.

Our vision is that organisations CAN and MUST be supportive environments for individuals to work well and thrive.

What we do:      Enable people to adapt, grow and thrive. 

Why we do it:   We love, live and work wellness. And…everyone deserves to have the capacity and capability to thrive with safety, health and wellbeing. 

How we do it:    Our whole-person, whole-organisation approach provides the evidence-based competency framework, strategies, tools and customised support for individuals and organisations to thrive.


Our Objectives

We will accomplish our mission through achieving these three core objectives:

  1. Empower and enable individuals on WHAT the 8 Principles of Wellness are and provide practical tools to enable them to live their best life, both personally and professionally;
  2. Activate and develop leadership competencies of managers who have a prominent role in establishing and managing processes and procedures that support employee health and wellbeing in the workplace on HOW to effectively integrate the principles of wellness into their work systems and processes;
  3. Enable organisations to INTEGRATE effective and engaging strategies that support the health and wellbeing of their people and aligns the WHY with the individuals, team and organisational values, goals and objectives.

Key features of our ASWA Mission 2030 Goals

  • Provide organisations with workplace managers that have the essential fundamental knowledge to fill the skills shortage, both nationally and globally, of combined mental health and wellbeing skills at the management and leadership level. These key skills are identified through comprehensive ongoing consultation with various industry leaders and managers over the past two decades.
  • Attract like-minded individuals and organisations to form and enhance innovative industry and educational partnerships that bring wellness within everyone’s reach.
  • Continue our focus on quality, compliance, innovation, sustainability and performance with a purpose.
  • Forge strategic partnerships to offer our training programs and qualifications both nationally and internationally.
  • Continuous enhancement of our Nationally Recognised Diploma of Wellness Leadership program to meet the skills and knowledge needs of industry employers.
  • Contribute to wellness in the community through our community projects that support the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
  • Continue to enhance our innovative and entrepreneurial training programs which brings participants, educators, innovators, community and industry trailblazers together in an integrated framework that works.
  • Continue providing a positive and rewarding ASWA experience for courseparticipants through harnessing the benefits of technology combined with our human-centred approach.

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