Supporting communities with wellbeing education drives our purpose of bringing wellness within everyone’s reach. When individuals collectively thrive, then organisations and communities are more likely to thrive.

Maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health is vital for everyone, but it can be particularly important for those working in care professions like social work, health, and aged care.

Social service professionals are particularly susceptible to experiencing burnout due to the high levels of empathy required by their roles, the stress of working with clients who are often in crisis,  and working in environments where resources may be scarce.

Our goal: to bring wellness within everyone’s reach to support care professionals that devote every day to caring for the most vulnerable in our community. We do this by making training and expertise accessible and cost-effective, so that even those new to wellness and self-care feel comfortable and confident to quickly and easily integrate into every day.

Our online wellness training programs makes it even easier to provide team members or volunteers with wellness skills training anywhere, at any time.

YourTown, Flourish Australia and Wesley Mission are just some of the organisations we’ve supported with a wellbeing solution.

Do you want to support the wellbeing of your team?

Are you looking for hassle free, flexible, scaleable and effective ways to enhance health, safety & wellbeing in your organisation?

Do you want to reduce vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue levels?

Why focus on workplace wellness?

Because when people are thriving at work they are:

Support and sustain mental health and wellbeing