If your normal operations have been affected lately speak to us about how ASWA Wellness Solutions can help you and your employees.

The ASWA Wellness Solutions team provides innovative services and training programs that allow companies to present a holistic, integrated, uncomplicated, health and wellbeing solution.

When individuals collectively thrive in a workplace then organisations are more likely to thrive.

Our goal: to bring wellness within everyone’s reach to create positive and healthy work cultures. We do this by making training and expertise accessible and cost-effective, so that even those new to wellness feel comfortable and confident to quickly and easily integrate into every day.

Whether you already have a wellness program, want to transform an aspect or need organisation-wide options, we have the solution for you. Our online wellness training programs makes it even easier to provide your employees with wellness skills training anywhere, at any time.

First State Superannuation, Fulton Hogan, Zoos Australia, Silkwood School, Flourish Australia are just some of the clients we’ve helped find a wellbeing solution.

*Has your company been affected lately by COVID-19? When employees work from home it’s imperative to encourage good physical and mental health.

The ASWA Wellness Solutions team can help you support the health and wellbeing of your employees to increase connection, engagement, retention and productivity, now and post Covid-19. Speak to the team today.**

Do you want to enhance engagement, collaboration and retention?

Are you looking for hassle free, flexible, scaleable and effective ways to enhance health, safety  & wellbeing in your workplace?

Do you want to reduce work stress levels & increase innovation and productivity?

Our corporate & workplaces offerings

Available as stand-alone options or as a powerful synergistic solution with the award-winning ASWA wellness approach.

  • Wellness Within Individual Wellbeing Program enables team members to access evidence-based wellness training sessions anywhere, at any time, to reduce stress through strengthening resilience and mindfulness for optimum wellbeing and performance. Topics covered include dealing with stress, professional relationships and time management. This program is great for launching your proactive wellness initiative and to enhance employee programs.
  • Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program is our unique, nationally recognised and globally respected qualification for workplace wellness. Highly relevant for today’s managers, topics include building team resilience and managing wellness programs, as well as other key leadership skills such as emotional intelligence, driving innovation, communicating with influence and sustainable work practices. This program provides an ideal professional development opportunity and a university degree pathway.
  • The ASWA Wellness Tracker enables businesses to benchmark and measure wellness efforts to determine where to direct resources for the greatest impact. ASWA Wellness Solutions are people and technology-driven to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s workforce.
  • Wellness Designs cost-effectively transform any space or service into a high quality, cost-effective, versatile employee wellness experience. Transform a boardroom into a dedicated wellness space for employees to try a range of Breath, Resilience, Mindfulness and Movement sessions in short duration. Wellness Connect is our unique concept of connecting the impact of wellbeing initiatives to business metrics.

If your normal operations have been affected lately speak to us about how ASWA Wellness Solutions can help you and your employees.

Learn more about ASWA Wellness services, contact:

E: wellness@aswa.net.au
T: 1300 342 191

Proposal for customised services can be provided.
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