Wellness Within Program

Wellness Within Program


This program will give you the framework, tools, tips and techniques to enhance your wellbeing.

Wellness Within is ASWA’s 8-session wellness program for individuals and teams.  Aligned with evidence-based principles of wellness, the program is full of helpful hints, tips, practical strategies and guidance to implement into your daily life and work style from session one.


Wellness Within

A Practical Wellbeing Program for Individuals and Teams

An accessible and measurable approach to improving wellbeing and social capital

8 topics – Videos – Peer Learning and Support – Self paced – Flexible

Wellness Within is ASWA’s 8-topic wellbeing program for individuals and teams.

Aligned with evidence-based principles of wellness, this program gives you succinct topics of information in bite-size sessions where you will discover:

  • the Principles of Wellness – what they are and how they are all connected;
  • the ASWA Wellness Tracker – to benchmark and track your individual wellness analysis score;
  • life and work style choices that count;
  • how to eat, move, sleep and breathe to have the energy you need to do the things that are important to you;
  • your personal eating triggers;
  • proactive wellbeing measures to protect your health;
  • how to make better food choices to enjoy eating out, at work, or when travelling, without compromising your health and wellness;
  • how to recognise your stress triggers and behaviours;
  • strategies to reduce anxiety from stress;
  • tips to be at peace with yourself;
  • to understand how your personal values and beliefs affect your decisions and behaviour;
  • how to develop a personal wellness program around your individual blueprint;
  • how to develop an effective movement program that suits your lifestyle;
  • exercises you can easily do in the office and/or at your desk to ensure some effective movement each day;
  • how to be a happier, healthier and more balanced version of yourself.

Delivery mode: Online

Duration: Self-paced – determined by you / your organisation



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The 8 Principles of Wellness

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