Together we are stronger

We partner with employers, public, private and not-for-profit organisations to bring wellness within everyone’s reach.

If you resonate with our ethos and values and embrace collaborative leadership and strategic alliances as part of your business model, we invite you to connect with us to explore the possibilities of what we can achieve together. We’d particularly like to connect with:

  • organisations interested in empowering their managers, team leaders and employees with the fundamental skills and knowledge to integrate wellbeing into their organisation
  • Employee Assistance Program, Return to Work and WH&S providers
  • training organisations that pride themselves on delivering student outcomes that are relevant for todays’ every-changing work environments
  • health and wellness brands and product suppliers
  • organisations looking for unique talent that possess the key competencies of leadership with a strong wellbeing focus.

Alliances strengthen

Our intention is to add value to your mission and organisation with our wellness expertise in the form of:

  • empowering your team, clients or partners, with wellness and self-leadership competencies to support them to perform at their best.
  • educating and empowering your leaders with the skills, knowledge and personalised support to enable them to integrate wellness into your organisation. Our in-house training programs can be contextualised to suit your workplace needs.
  • strategic guidance to effectively integrate wellbeing into your organisation from our 25+ years of experience in the wellness industry, primarily in the workplace, training, travel tourism hospitality and spa sectors.

We value your contribution to the partnership in the form of:

  • bringing wellness within reach for even more individuals through your brand, business, professional or community role.
  • providing proactive solutions and resources for our professional development individuals and corporate clients.

What’s unique about our approach to partnerships?

Our team has decades of experience providing strategic advice and skills training of wellness in a business context and we are one of the few teams with real crisis response experience having successfully navigated the global impacts of SARS and Tsunamis in Asia, as well as the GFC. We know how to help leaders drive their organisation forward  and to thrive. Partnering with us provides you and your organisation with:

  • expertise that provides effective solutions to suit you or your clients’ wellness needs, whether that be management strategy, professional services, training, mentoring or execution
  • savings of energy, time and financial resources
  • establishing or strengthening a wellness brand
  • greater breadth of wellness diversification options for your customers
  • cost-effective lead times from project concept to implementation
  • flexibility and scalability
  • growth opportunities
  • quality, compliance and sustainability

Contact us to explore the possibilities of what we can achieve together.