As wellness becomes increasingly integrated into people’s everyday work and life styles, we’re seeing leading schools and education facilities globally take strategic steps to embed wellbeing into the whole-school framework for relevant quality outcomes.

No matter the role – student, educator, sports coach, maintenance servicing, or administration – everyone needs to look after their own mental health. A culture of good mental health for everyone starts with the individual.

The responsibility for staff wellbeing also rests with leadership – when the whole learning community is aligned in its understanding and practice of the principles of wellness, real change is possible. When there’s a shared language around wellbeing, and structures and processes to minimise work-related stressors, then individual staff feel supported and part of a positive community.

ASWA Wellness Solutions can help with all of this, with solutions that can be customised to the needs of your learning community. Indeed, wellbeing education is key to the whole ethos of our solutions, where the 8 principles of wellness are the pillars for all our health and wellbeing offerings. Practical skills and relevant strategies need to be embedded into onboarding employees and student education programs to strengthen resilience and mindfulness to manage stress wellbeing.

Our solutions are focused on resilience and wellness, with a diverse range of strategies and programs designed to promote stress reduction and greater mindfulness, alongside a specially designed whole-facility structure and framework – our Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program – that’s designed to enable leaders to create an environment and culture where all members of the learning community feel supported and have the opportunity to flourish. Our wellness training technology also means users can access wellbeing training sessions anywhere, at any time, even in the comfort of their own home!

We work with schools and training providers to provide wellness offerings that are designed specifically for the needs of learners aged 16+, allowing any learning facility to offer a unique, tailored and age-appropriate wellness solution for their employees and young adult learners.

We have worked with Silkwood School, Mt Tarampa State School, Prestige Service Training, TAFE Queensland, William Angliss Institute, and more!

Do you want to enhance student wellbeing support?

Are you looking for a whole-school approach to mental health that looks at the wellbeing of all learning community members?

Do you want to offer students a relevant vocational pathway in wellbeing?

Our schools and education offerings

Available as stand-alone options or as a powerful synergistic solution with the award-winning ASWA wellness approach.

  • Wellness Within Individual Wellbeing Program enables education team members and students to access evidence-based wellness training sessions anywhere, at any time, to reduce stress through strengthening resilience and mindfulness for optimum wellbeing and performance. Topics covered include dealing with stress, healthy relationships and time management. This program is great for upskilling your learning community in the fundamental principles of wellness.
  • Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program is our unique, nationally recognised and globally respected qualification for work and community wellness. Strong leadership and management are vital for healthy community wellbeing. Strong leaders and managers help us by providing conditions and opportunities such as programming time, mentoring, pay, professional development and wellbeing initiatives. Highly relevant for today’s learning communities, topics include resilience, mindfulness and managing wellness programs, as well as key leadership skills such as emotional intelligence, strengthening work teams, communicating with influence and sustainable work practices. This vocational program can also be offered to your students as a graduate pathway to a university degree.
  • The ASWA Wellness Tracker enables education leaders to benchmark and measure wellness efforts to determine where to direct resources for the greatest impact. ASWA Wellness Solutions are people and technology-driven to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s education sector.
  • Wellness Designs create unique wellness experiences using your current facilities, creation of a dedicated wellness space or transformation of outdoor or other underutilised areas into a multi-functional wellness space for students, employees or the community at large.

Why focus on whole-school wellbeing?

Because when people are thriving they are:

Transform your school community experience with wellbeing.