What are my financing and payment options? 

We are here to serve you. To add value to your wellbeing – personally and professionally. Enrolments in our courses are accepted all year round to suit your life and work schedule. As our courses are all self-paced, you can complete it as quickly or as slowly as you like.

The course fee for ASWA Diploma programs is AU$9,950 and is GST exempt, including a deposit of $1500.00

You can choose to pay via:

  • Credit Card – 1.7% fee applies
  • Direct Deposit


Payment Options

You can choose one of the following Five Options:


Option One – 12-months (Full-time)

Deposit of $1500.00, then 12 equal monthly payments of $704.17

Deposit of $1500.00, then 52 equal weekly payments of $162.50


Option Two – 24 months (Part-time)

Deposit of $1500.00, then 24 equal monthly payments of $352.08

Deposit of $1500.00, then 104 equal weekly payments of $81.25


Option Three – Where an employer or organisation is funding the training,

$2700.00 – Commencement of Training

$2,700.00 – 2 months after enrolment date

$2,700.00 – 6 months after enrolment date

$1,850.00 – 8 months after enrolment date


Option Four – You choose the $amounts and Dates that suit your business budget requirements (maximum 6 payments) and equals the total of AU$9,950.00 course fee.


Option Five – Yes, we can provide a customised payment solution that suits your organisation’s budgeting needs.

Contact us to discuss your needs.


Payment Details

  • All payment plan agreements are required to be finalised by the month prior to the course completion, unless negotiated otherwise.
  • Payment plan will be activated on initial payment of first instalment (there will be a $2.00 administrative charge for set up)
  • The payment plan is to be carried out according to the payment arrangement option as originally chosen.
  • Direct debit payments are to be arranged by the Learner with their bank/online banking.
  • Late payment will incur a late payment fee of 2% for every 14 days overdue.
  • Non-payment or dishonoured payment will incur a $10.00 reprocessing fee for each dishonour.
  • Non-payment will be charged and all cost to recover all outstanding amounts plus the Debt Collection Fee and charges.
  • This agreement must be maintained to retain access to the course.
  • The Standard Enrolment is for 12 months. Extensions are available at an administration fee of $100.00 for 12 months. This does not apply for 24-months part-time enrolments.



The Australian government also offers Austudy which is financial assistance that is available for for full-time students aged 25 years or more.

Eligibility basics are as follows:

  • aged 25 years or more, and
  • studying full-time in an approved course at an approved educational institution.

Our accredited Diploma courses are approved by Austudy. For more information, please visit the Centrelink website.



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