Diploma of Wellness

Diploma of Wellness


The Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program provides the skills to effectively and efficiently support wellness among groups. You will be creating a healthy culture. The intention is to establish strong frameworks to make healthy lifestyle practices commonplace. The wellness and leadership skills and practices you learn will leverage your influence and increase the likelihood that members of your group (customers or workplace colleagues) will successfully achieve their wellness lifestyle goals.


Diploma of Wellness

Delivery mode: Online

Duration: Self-paced (from 9 months up to 24 months to complete)

Cost: AU$9,950

Deposit amount (to be paid now): AU$1,500

Payment options: Payment plans available – contact us to discuss a payment plan to suit your individual needs

Careers this qualification can lead to include: Health and Wellbeing Director, Wellness Consultant, Integrated Wellness Therapist, Wellness Director and much more.

The course will also enable graduates to establish and manage a private practice as a Wellness Manager, consulting to commercial entities and corporations to develop and implement a range of wellness programs.

Wellness Roles

The Wellness Manager works independently to develop, implement and monitor wellness activities and healthy workplace wellness programs to promote healthier lifestyles, based on wellness principles, including stress resilience, nutrition, mindfulness, movement, breath and sleep. The Wellness Manager ensures that the programs developed are consistent with, and contextualized to the workplace and the health objectives sought.

The Wellness Manager works at a managerial level and utilises strategic thinking and communication to collaborate with other key managers, supervisors and stakeholders to develop contextualized programs. The Wellness Manager promotes and supports wellness, through the development, implementation and monitoring of initiatives that will engage individuals, improve their health and wellbeing and continue to build and sustain a culture of wellness in the long term.

The Wellness Manager’s role involves networking to maintain partnerships with health and wellness professionals to drive positive change.

What you will learn

The Diploma of Wellness provides the underpinning skills and knowledge for you to perform wellness roles and tasks to

  • integrate wellness principles and strategies into life and workplace settings;
  • lead and contribute to enhanced productivity, the prevention of chronic lifestyle disease, and personal fulfilment of life;
  • plan, implement, monitor and evaluate a workplace wellness program based on wellness principles and lifestyle practices, including nutrition, stress resilience, movement, breath, sleep and mindfulness;
  • integrate wellness into company culture, develop team cohesion through initiatives with other departments such as human resources;
  • integrate wellness principles and practices into operational functions such as induction and training programs;
  • coordinate and direct initiatives to align with organisational wellness objectives, such as developing and integrating company wellness programs, for example: healthy menus for staff canteens, mindful management training sessions at regular team meetings, 5 minute break sessions for: breathing techniques for stress resilience, exercises for desk workers, lifestyle practices for supporting quality sleep;
  • synthesis of organisational information with health and wellness information, best practices and directives;
  • communicate persuasively to colleagues, workers and stakeholders;
  • collaborate with health professionals such as exercise physiologists, nutritionists, sleep practitioners, naturopaths, medical and allied health professionals, to promote wellness principles in the workplace;
  • monitor stress levels in teams;
  • recommend, develop, implement and manage stress management and morale building strategies and techniques that assists workers to effectively reduce, manage and deal with stress within a team and recover effectively from stressful or difficult situations;
  • reduce exposure to toxic material and hazardous chemical use that diminishes wellness in the workplace;
  • recommend, develop, implement and monitor workplace sustainability policies and strategies;
  • establish work practices that support workplace wellness through workspaces that encourage creative mindsets, collaborative working and the development of positive workplace relationships;
  • serve as a positive role model in the workplace by maintaining an appropriate work-life balance to manage personal health and stress.

To successfully complete this course, students are expected to have high level English language, literacy and numeracy levels, ability to interpret complex documents, prepare written reports and explain wellness concepts.

Assessment in this course includes highly relevant and interesting case studies, activities and projects PLUS 240 hours of vocational placement in a workplace so that you can implement your newfound skills in your real world. Ideally, your current workplace is where you will develop, implement, monitor and evaluate a wellness initiative that will be the basis for the assessment projects in your study program. These workplace project hours are included in the 4 to 8 estimated study hours per week.


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