Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  World Health Organisation.

At ASWA, our philosophy is that wellness should be within everyone’s reach. Our vision is that organisations CAN be supportive places for individuals to work and thrive.  We know from our 25+ years of experience that organisational key performance indicators CAN be achieved without compromising wellbeing.

It is this philosophy and knowledge that drives every decision behind our innovative programs. It is the motivating force for our passionate program advisors and mentors, and the inspiration behind our collaborations and partnerships with training and industry organisations, governments and community associations.

Wellness is about being at our best. As individuals, that means having consistent energy levels, the mental clarity and inner calm, to do the things that are important to us so that we can flourish and thrive. When individuals collectively thrive in a workplace then organisations are also more likely to thrive.

We know the cost of a lack of wellness and so ASWA was created to provide proactive training solutions to empower individuals and organisations to integrate wellness into their lives and workplaces.

Our strategy was developed to achieve these three core objectives:

  1. Empower and educate individuals on WHAT the principles of wellness are and provide practical tools for living their best life, both personally and professionally;
  2. Activate and educate managers and leaders who have a prominent role in establishing and managing processes and procedures that support employee health and wellbeing in the workplace on HOW to effectively integrate the principles of wellness into their workplace;
  3. Enable organisations to integrate effective and engaging strategies that support the health and wellbeing of their people and aligns with the organisation’s values, goals, objectives and diversity.

Our professional and personal development programs help individuals and organisations to be healthier and higher-performing, with optimum wellness, vitality and sustainability.

Our Founder

Angela Derks is the Founder and CEO of the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy and the course and curriculum developer for the Australian nationally recognised 10299NAT Diploma of Wellness.

Originally from Papua New Guinea, she moved to Australia when she was 12 and graduated with University Degrees in Health Science and Commerce, as well as a plethora of post-graduate qualifications in her passions of leadership, business management and human performance. In 1998, at the age of 28, Angela designed, developed and operated one of Australia’s first integrated health and wellbeing facilities, winning national industry awards for Innovation.

Angela has lead strategic wellness initiatives and training programs in award-winning companies such as Six Senses Spas, Soneva Resorts, Ritz-Carlton, Madinat Jumeirah, Palazzo Versace, Kempinksi, Westin, Qantas First Lounges, Christina O yacht, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat and Aurora Spa.

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Angela Derks ND, BHSc, BCom


At ASWA, our team of mentors share more than just knowledge and information. They are industry professionals with a wealth of real-world experience in their fields and a passion to share it with you.

Our mentors contribute to the quality and integrity of the ASWA programs with their extensive industry experience, guidance and support. These entrepreneurs, physicians, researchers and leading health and wellbeing innovators ensure that the Academy offers the most cutting-edge wellness and leadership education and support available. Our mentors bring that experience to you in the form of practical examples, case studies, interviews and videos – even the occasional invitation to industry events. They will be there to provide you with actionable guidance through their contributions to the ASWA published articles, our online community groups and mentoring for participants in our nationally recognised Diploma of Wellness Programs.

Dr. Buathon

Mindfulness and Master Retreat Facilitator

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Caroline Scott

Holistic Nutritionist and catalyst of activating Healthier Eating Habits

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Marney Perna

Resilience Builder and Author of ‘Creating Calm amid Chaos’

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Holly Small

Movement and Pilates Instructor

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Tahi Cody

Business Manager, People and Culture Leader

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Allan Bennett

Goalsetting Advocate and Founder of Manage My Rainbow

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Keri Kreiger

TCM practitioner and Founder of Rockupuncture therapy

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Jane Faulkner

Psychotherapist and Founder of Equine Assisted Therapy Australia

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