Is your organisation wellbeing ready for post-Covid?

Is your organisation wellbeing ready for post-Covid?

COVID-19 has changed everything. The question: is have you identified how your business has changed? Can your organisational strategies, system and people respond to the new ways of doing business within a more health-conscious world? Are your KPI’s reflective of how your business needs to operate?

Recently, the Wellness Solutions Team at the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy have been helping leaders perform wellness reviews and develop strategies. Proactive leaders know that to shift beyond surviving into thriving post-COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must be prepared for the new kind of normal. This starts with reviewing strategy, structure, systems and people.

Founder CEO, Angela Derks, said “Clients have contacted me and we have conducted a number of strategic and operational reviews, all with the one objective – infuse wellbeing into our new way of working for business performance and sustainability.”

“Our team has decades of experience providing strategic advice and skills training of wellness in a business context and we are one of the few teams with real crisis response experience having successfully navigated the global impacts of SARS and Tsunamis in Asia, as well as the GFC.” We know how to help leaders drive their organisation forward into unchartered territory and to continue to thrive, with our proven holistic wellness approach.

“Wellness isn’t about the program. Wellness is about cultivating a healthy culture that strategically supports the goals and objectives of the business.” says Angela.

So, if you need help with the wellness piece for your organisation as you navigate through post COVID territory, reach out to Angela or any of the ASWA Wellness Solutions Team.

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This article was written by the ASWA Wellness Solutions Team. We are a talented team of qualified wellness leaders, trainers, mentors and advocates with real life and relevant leadership experience and a common passion for integrating wellness into lives and workplaces.