Is workplace stress zapping your energy?

Is workplace stress zapping your energy?

Do you bounce into work every day excited and filled with enthusiasm? Do you love what you do and do what you love? Can you relate to the person who finds each day a heavier and heavier burden?

Stress within the workplace can have a direct effect on your health and wellbeing as findings from the Australian Psychological Society‘s Stress and Wellbeing surveys have found. This stress may be from bullying, over work, responsibility, long hours, environmental toxins or negativity from fellow workers. Prolonged and continual stress can cause your adrenal system to become overloaded, overburdened and not work very well. When this happens, your health is at grave risk, you may find that you catch bugs more quickly, tire more easily, your energy levels get zapped and you often become emotionally unstable and unable to cope.

Identify your stress triggers

The key to coping with stress is to understand where it is coming from, what you can do about the causal factors and how to react better. You can’t heal what you can’t feel, you need to identify what is causing you to feel stressed in the first place. Once you know the “what” you can take appropriate action to create a different outcome.

A key indicator that something or someone at your workplace may be the reason for your stress is that lethargic feeling at the very thought of going to work.  The OMG feeling in the pit of your stomach on Monday morning or the sour taste in your mouth when thinking about a person who causes you to feel insecure.

When you are working in a negative environment or alongside negative people, your personal vibrational energy is also affected. As this vibrational energy gets lower and lower your ability to think clearly, function well or even feel good becomes harder. A high personal vibrational energy ensures you feel good, keeps your immune system working well and helps you to cope more easily.

To discover what is causing you the stress, ask yourself a series of questions. Is it the work itself, the work environment, the people at work or the stress at home? Once you have an idea you can start to take action to build your resilience to stress.

One of the simplest things to uplift your energy and help you cope better is to develop an attitude. Your attitude is unique to you and nobody else can give you an attitude. Choose an attitude that uplifts you such as awesome, blessed, invincible, grateful, fearless, gutsy, positive or wonderful. A positive and uplifting attitude helps to raise your personal vibration.

There are times when you have no control over external negative influences, so you might use products or items that help you. Place a colourful potted plant on your desk, put pictures of fun times on the walls, strategically position gemstones or crystals, wear colours that uplift you, diffuse essential oils or move your desk.

Where your work totally zaps your energy, and is so toxic that it is negatively affecting your health, it is in your best interest to find employment elsewhere. Remember, this is your life, so create one that works best to nourish and nurture you!

Building stress resilience is a key principle of wellness and key topic in all ASWA wellness programs.

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Marney Perna is a registered Kinesiologist, author and regular guest speaker on her passion topics of stress resilience, women’s health and children with learning challenges.