Hospitality professional is 2020 Student of the Year

Hospitality professional is 2020 Student of the Year

Congratulations to Daria Andrievskaya for being the 2020 Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy’s Student of the Year.

Daria was the recipient of a part-scholarship for the Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program (hospitality industry category) in 2019.

2020 has been a challenging year for many and Daria’s journey was no exception. Originally from Russia and working full-time in the Queensland tourism and hospitality sector, Daria experienced being stood down when the pandemic hit the industry. Her commitment and pure grit enabled her to, not only obtain multiple jobs and to navigate through unknown times, but also complete her Nationally Recognised qualification in Workplace Wellbeing Management and obtain a full-time role.

“Mentoring Daria during this time has been an absolute honour. Her outstanding initiative and attitude has been strengthened by her newfound skills of resilience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, adaptability, wellness programming management and evaluation, to achieve her goals. I am confident that Daria will be a positive and healthy role model of managing and supporting wellbeing in any work or community organisation,” says Angela Derks, ASWA Founder CEO and Lead Consultant.

Kudos to Daria, for taking her strong work experience in the hospitality industry and upskilling to transition into the fast-growing industry of wellness (aka opportunities plus, plus, plus).

We are Daria’s biggest fans!