GWI calendar supports wellness integration into workplaces

GWI calendar supports wellness integration into workplaces

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The Global Wellness Institute recently released a new tool that hopes to encourage creation of a culture of wellness within organisations and workplaces worldwide. – the 2019 Wellness Moonshot Calendar.

The GWI’s Wellness Moonshot is an initiative to eradicate preventable, chronic diseases by inciting multi-level action and collaboration in order to build a healthier world. The calendar is the Moonshot’s latest phase, providing a call to action to create healthier cultures within companies and workplaces everywhere. In order to participate, businesses pledge a $100 donation to the non-profit and they will receive a 2019 calendar complete with tangible monthly ideas, tips and information to engage their employees around a particular wellness theme. For example, January focused on awareness, while February focused on actions and ideas to create a “well heart.”

The calendar was designed by Jessica Jesse, CEO of BuDhaGirl; an accessory and lifestyle brand with a focus on mindfulness and wellness rituals into daily life. The Moonshot Calendar revolves around the cycles of the full moon, the period of the lunar cycle that emits the most vibrant energy, said to inspire new ideas and habits.

Renee Moorefield, chair of the GWI’s Wellness at Work Initiative, said “If you really want to move the needle on preventable disease and create high employee engagement, you must create an everyday culture of wellbeing at work. The Wellness Moonshot Calendar gives leaders fresh and practical ideas every month to realise the kind of work environment where people bring their best, and leave work more well, happier and more capable than when they arrived.”

“Tools such as calendars are great support for the wellness leaders in organisations. By embedding wellness into daily activities and processes, higher performance and loyalty result.” says Angela Derks, CEO of the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy.

“We know that The Wellness Moonshot Calendar can have an exponentially growing impact: our goal is to get the leaders of hundreds of thousands of organisations to commit to healthier work cultures, and they can then in turn impact the employees they supervise in a meaningful way,” says Susie Ellis, GWI chairman and CEO. “We want to give every organisation—large or small—a monthly roadmap for meaningful change, because the beauty of this program is that anyone within any company or community can implement The Wellness Moonshot Calendar and impact their circle of influence.”

If you are the wellness leader in your workplace, you may want to plan to have the GWI calendar included in the next years’ strategy or you may want to create your own unique wellness calendar as a creative project for your wellness team.





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