The Freedom Gift Card

Choose your own gift amount

The perfect gift to allow that certain someone the freedom to choose their own ideal ASWA wellness experience.

This Gift Card gives you the freedom to choose whatever ASWA program, product or service you like, creating a wellness experience that suits individual preferences.

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The Wellness Within Gift Card


The perfect gift to support a certain someone’s wellbeing.

This Gift Card gives you a Wellness Within Program that educates, empowers and enables you to take control of your own wellbeing.

You will track your own wellbeing with the ASWA Wellness Tracker and learn to use strategies, tools and techniques for greater energy, mental clarity and inner calm.

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Unconditional Love gift card


The ideal gift for someone special.

Your unique, one-of-a-kind Sterling Silver Locket and chain promotes love for yourself and for others.

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Healthy Business gift card


The perfect gift for the best possible start for a successful and sustainable business in the wellness industry.

Your 10-step business plan is the essential first step to a thriving business that also supports your wellbeing.

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