Cultivate wellness from within to help your community

Cultivate wellness from within to help your community

We are all interconnected through our communities. Promoting and encouraging wellness within our communities can actually be the differentiating factor between a good life and a great life.

Community wellness is directly related to what we do to give back to our communities, and as such, it is strongly interconnected with the principles of personal wellness. It’s these principles that form the foundations of all Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy (ASWA) development programs.

In essence, if you are thriving in your personal life, you will be more equipped to help others to thrive.

One of our key values at ASWA is collaboration. We actively seek to collaborate, support and work in partnership with organisations that are passionate and proactive in facilitating positive change to support human rights for all, with a focus on safety, health and education.

ASWA collaborates with community organisations such as Soroptimist International, a global volunteer movement of over 80,000 individual professional women, working together to transform the lives of women and girls through their innovative and resourceful projects that educate, enable and empower.

We have recently launched an exciting community project designed to bring wellness within everybody’s reach. We believe every single person has a right to live their best life and to have the skills and techniques required to thrive both personally and professionally.

ASWA’s Wellness Within Project

ASWA’s Wellness Within Project is a community project designed to support the personal wellness development of individuals working in community services or requiring the services of those organisations.

Wellness Within is a personal wellness program that provides a roadmap and teaches the skills to live your best life, covering resilience, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, sleep and more. It’s a fantastic program to kick start a corporate wellness program, by supporting employee health and in turn increasing productivity for personal and organisational success.

For every 10 Wellness Within personal wellness programs that are purchased, ASWA provides one FREE Wellness Within program to a community, not for profit (NFP) organisation.

How Can Businesses Get Involved?

When businesses purchase 10 Wellness Within personal wellness programs for the purposes of their employee’s wellness development, ASWA provides one FREE program to a community, not for profit (NFP) organisation.

The company can choose a particular NFP to provide the FREE program to, or they can donate it to one of the NFP organisations on ASWA’s list of chosen beneficiaries.

Contact us on 1300 342 191 for more information on how you can get involved with ASWA’s Wellness Within Project.


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Angela Derks, ND is the Founder and CEO of the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy (ASWA) - the award winning accredited leader of wellness training and consulting services for organisations. Her life’s work is helping people achieve optimal health, wellbeing and business success through skills-based learning and healthy leadership strategies. She is the lead developer of the nationally recognised 10299NAT Diploma of Wellness Leadership qualification, delivering relevant skills to effectively integrate evidence-based wellness and management practices into organisations. The ASWA Wellness Solutions Team delivers an integrative approach for individuals, organisations and communities.

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