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Your journey through the Diploma of Wellness has been carefully designed to take you on your own personal wellness journey, so that you can embody the principles of wellness and role model these as a leader in your professional role.

This will enable you to accomplish your overall objective as a leader of wellness:  to enhance the wellness of individuals, groups and teams.

We are so delighted to share your Diploma of Wellness journey with you. While this course will be filled with leadership and wellness oriented information to cultivate your understanding in the key topics of wellness, leadership and sustainability, the greatest source of inspiration and transformation lies within yourself. We can sow the initial seeds of inspiration but the responsibility to continue your own growth and to implement what you learn lies with you, through the active choices you make each and every day. You have chosen to be empowered to be everything that you are meant to be through learning new tools and techniques to achieve and sustain wellness in your own life and to support others along their own wellness journey

This is a moment to be celebrated!

We know you’re enthusiastic to get started so here’s a few things that will be helpful for you to know:



WELLnet is the ASWA learning management software system (that you are working in right now) that guides you through your learning materials, whilst checking in regularly with your facilitator for additional guidance and support.


If you haven’t already, you will receive an email with the contact details of your facilitator and suggested times for the two of you to regularly connect.


If you experience any technical issues whilst completing this program, contact ASWA support through your student links menu on the right hand side of your screen. You are our number one priority and we endeavour to action support issues as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.


The ASWA Wellness Within personal wellness program has been incorporated into your Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program journey. Many sessions will have a self-accountability prompt for you to connect with your fellow members in the ASWA Facebook Wellness Within Community. We encourage you to join our ASWA Wellness Within Group. This closed group is a space for students of the ASWA Wellness Within program, to share your experiences, ask questions and connect with like-minded people within the ASWA wellness family and community.

If you haven’t already joined our ASWA Wellness Community, you need to like the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy Facebook page and then request to join the Wellness Within Group by simply clicking on Join Group below the cover photo on the ASWA Facebook page. Please answer the three questions when prompted so we can confirm you are an enrolled student in this program and get to know you a little better. This group is full of interesting and like-minded individuals, as well as the ASWA mentors, all with the common goal of achieving and sustaining wellness and they will be a great support as you move through your wellness learning journey.


At ASWA, we believe that we can all do more to empower individuals to achieve and sustain wellness. Your program is a culmination of feedback from well-respected and award-winning professional health and wellness industry leaders, to bring you the program that you are participating in today. We love constructive feedback on what and how we can do more to make this program inspiring and supportive of you achieving your goals.

So, at any time, if you have a suggestion, idea or inspiration for how we can make this program even better, we would absolutely love to hear from you. And if you think we should talk to somebody or an organisation that can add to the experience of yourself or our other learners participating in the program, just let us know so that we can make things happen.



Let’s see how WELLnet works with a navigation video to show you the framework and functions of WELLnet.


IMPORTANT: You do need to click on the MARK COMPLETE button that you will find at the end of most sessions so that WELLNET can log your progression and avoid the system prompting you to do it all over again unnecessarily – because that wouldn’t add to your personal wellness now would it!