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Workplace Wellness

Aligned with the award-winning holistic ASWA Wellness Approach, The ASWA Workplace Wellbeing Training Program is designed to enable individuals to be internal ‘Wellness Ambassadors’ to effectively integrate wellbeing into the lives and work environment of your people. The program is designed to cater for a wide range of audiences seeking relevant wellbeing skills with the option to upskill further to  an accredited nationally recognised qualification in workplace wellbeing.

Who is this program for?

  • Wellbeing co-ordinators and those looking for relevant and practical foundation skills to confidently support team wellbeing;
  • Wellness champions looking to upskill with evidence-based principles of wellness and a relevant nationally recognised career pathway option;
  • Individuals and team members wanting to strengthen their own wellbeing skills to support their colleagues and the wellbeing strategy (usually designed with the Wellness Leader)
  • Change-makers that are passionate about contributing to a positive and healthy culture in groups, workplaces and the community.


The format of the Workplace Wellbeing Training Program is designed for the busy professional. The course contains 4 core topics and a range of practical work-based activities. All are completed online at your own pace.

  • 24-session online course covering these 4 topics:
    • Lead personal and professional success
    • Integrate wellness principles into life and workplaces
    • Build resilience to manage stress in life and workplaces
    • Power with optimum nutrition
  • 4 comprehensive workbooks
  • Online ASWA learning and peer support group
  • Recent news/industry updates
  • 4 Certificates of completion from the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy

NOTE: There are no assessments for this program


You have complete control on how quickly or as slowly you travel along your workplace wellbeing journey.  You can complete this program in 1 month with the investment of 4 hours per week. It’s your learning journey done your way, as suits your life and work schedule.

Flexibility and Relevance

We developed this program in consultation with experts in the fields of healthy performance workplace culture and wellbeing, including Nutrition, Mindfulness, Organisational behaviour, Psychotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Stress and Sleep management. Maximum flexibility combined with optimum relevance for living and working in today’s world enables you to achieve and sustain your best life and career.

The ASWA Wellness Tracker is included in your Workplace Wellbeing Training Program to measure the impact of your wellbeing actions and to motivate your progression.

For wellbeing managers, ambassadors, champions and co-ordinators, have you taken the time to analyse how successful your wellbeing initiatives have been over the last year? Though it can be difficult to measure the real impacts of your wellbeing initiatives – it definitely can be done!

Talk to us about connecting the impact of wellbeing initiatives to business metrics that support your organisation’s strategy objectives.

The Workplace Wellbeing Training Program is aligned to the proven 3-pronged ASWA Wellness Approach and the nationally recognised Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program. Content is provided over 4 Topics, including:

Topic 1 – Lead Personal and Professional Success

By managing personal work priorities and leading professional development plan.

You will learn how to plan your goals to meet objectives, assess your personal skills and knowledge, and prioritise competing demands (personal and work) to serve as a positive role model by maintaining work life balance and managing personal stress levels.

Topic 2 – Integrate Wellness Principles into Life and Workplaces

You will discover and develop life strategies related to the eight principles of wellness, including purpose, values, mindfulness, movement, nutrition, stress, breath and sleep. You will integrate these skills and strategies into your own life and support others in the workplace to take control of their own wellbeing for greater engagement and performance.

Topic 3 – Power with Optimum Nutrition

By understanding and using information about nutrition and diet.

Building on your knowledge of the eight principles of wellness, you will research nutritional principles to provide information and identify changes that can be made to promote healthier diets. You will research and monitor credible sources of information on the latest scientific nutritional breakthroughs and consumer trends.

Topic 4 -Build Resilience

To Manage Stress in Life and in the Workplace

Building further on your principles of wellness skills, you will discover how to recognise the signs of stress in your own life and in teams, and how to assist others to maintain work life balance through strategies to build resilience to stress. You will learn stress management and morale building strategies and techniques that assists workers to effectively reduce, manage and deal with stress within a team and recover effectively from stressful or challenging situations.


The Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy’s Workplace Wellbeing Training Program is well respected nationally and internationally for providing the essential skills to integrate wellness for healthy optimum performance in life and work.

There are no assessments for this program.

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of your program.

Note that this program does not result in, however it does provide you with a pathway t0 a nationally accredited qualification.

Accredited Pathway Option

This program does offer the option to complete competency-based assessments and achieve 4 recognised units of competency (An additional fee of $1,600 applies):

  • BSBWOR501 Manage personal work priorities and professional development
  • WELIWP501 Integrate wellness principles into life and workplaces (resilience, mindfulness, sleep, nutrition, purpose, values, movement and breath).
  • BSBLED502 Manage stress in the workplace
  • HLTHPS010 Interpret and use information about nutrition and diet

When you successfully complete the 4 competency-based assessments, you will receive :

  • Your 4 Certificates of completion of 4 nationally recognised units of competency from Prestige Service Training RTO 31981 via our training partnership
  • Your Certificate from the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy as a well-respected Workplace Wellbeing Practitioner
  • Credit of 4 units and financial credit towards the revolutionary, nationally recognised, accredited qualification – The ASWA 10299NAT Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program. 

Speak to one of our course advisors today to map out a training program and pathway to achieve your career goals – contact us

You will receive financial credit for the total that you have paid for this program if you choose to upskill further and enrol into the nationally recognised Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program or the Diploma of Wellness Spa Management Program within 12 months of competing the ASWA Workplace Wellbeing Training Program.

Graduates of ASWA Diploma programs can apply to receive up to 8 unit credits with universities. Each university has their own process for determining credit applications.

Academic requirements

The Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy accepts applications from students based anywhere in the world. As a general rule, the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy imposes a minimum age requirement of 17 years.

Our applicants typically include experienced work professionals and students who have completed Year 12 in Queensland or elsewhere in Australia, and international students who have completed equivalent secondary school studies in their own countries.

Please note: This program is currently only available online to Australian and students located overseas (not available to international student visa holders).

English language proficiency requirements

As tuition is delivered in English, all students will be required to complete an online Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test as documented evidence of the required level of proficiency in the English language.

When to apply

Applications are open all year round for your convenience and life-study-work flexibility.

How to get started

Studying online at the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy is easy.  START NOW

We have international students from many countries. As this program is online, if you are located outside of Australia or are already here in Australia on a student visa and looking to obtain further skills, YES you CAN apply for this program.

This program is NOT currently available however, to international students who intend to apply for a student visa to come and study on-site in Australia.

The fees and entry requirements remain the same for both domestic and international participants.

Your investment to upskill with practical and relevant workplace wellbeing skills with a pathway to a nationally recognised qualification is only AU$4,995

For groups and work teams, volume pricing is available – Contact us

Payment Plans

We are here to serve you. To add value to your wellbeing, your life and your career. Enrolments in our courses are accepted all year round to suit your life and work schedule.

The course fee is AU$4,9995 and is GST exempt, including a non – refundable deposit of $500.00.

When considering the fees associated with your studies, keep in mind that ASWA’s practical structure and flexible schedule means you can finish your qualification sooner and be in your chosen wellness work role earlier than if you completed a different program or went to another training provider.

This also represents a substantial reduction in time, travel, accommodation and living costs, plus more time of extra earnings.

You can choose to pay via:

  • Direct Deposit; OR
  • Credit Card – 1.7% fee applies

Payment Options

You can choose one of the following Payment Options:

Option One

Pay in full and receive a 20% discount – Pay only $3,996

Option Two

  • Deposit of $500.00, then 12 equal monthly payments of $374.58; OR
  • Deposit of $500.00, then 52 equal weekly payments of $86.44

Option Three

We can provide a customised payment solution that suits your organisation’s budgeting needs. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

Tax Deductible

Your education is a 100% tax deductible expense.

Salary sacrificing is a useful option chosen by many participants of our training programs.


Unhappy is not in our DNA so if, within the first week of paying for your program, you are unhappy with your program for any reason, you can contact us via phone, email or through the feedback function within the student portal to request your refund.

Refunds may take 2-4 weeks to process.

Start Now or take the next step closer to starting by Contacting us .


Individual guidance to support you

We also offer 1-1 mentoring if you are wanting additional support or to fine tune your strategic wellbeing and/or leadership skills. We can work with you to develop a business case, review policies, provide career or business coaching, facilitate a strategic planning session, undertake evaluation of initiatives, or to serve as an unbiased sounding board for your innovative concepts. Simply select one of our mentoring packages and let us help you bring your wellness ideas to life.

ASWA Mentoring services are NOT INCLUDED in this program.

ASWA Mentoring services are provided by Angela Derks, ASWA Founder and Course Developer of the award-winning Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program for workplace wellbeing. Additional fees are applicable for mentoring services.

Award-winning Skills

As Asia-Pacific’s award-winning leaders in training wellness and management skills, the Workplace Wellbeing Training Program was developed by, and is exclusive to, the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy. Developed in consultation with award-winning industry leaders, this course provides comprehensive, practical skills needed in today’s ever-changing places of work.

Speak to one of our course advisors today to map out a training program and pathway to achieve your career goals – contact us

Where do I go from here?

ENROL NOW. You can start any time.


CONTACT US to discuss your/your organisation’s needs

Enrol now to begin your journey to become a workplace wellbeing ambassador, supporting individuals and work teams to enhance wellbeing in life and at work.

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