Wellness Within Program - For Individuals & Teams

This self-paced wellbeing program provides the framework, tools, techniques and group support for individuals and teams to strengthen resilience and mindfulness for physical and mental health.

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AU $249 per person. Volume pricing available

Strengthen your wellbeing skills

Wellness Within is the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy’s 8-week online individual wellbeing skills building program to give you the practical tools and techniques to achieve and sustain the balanced life you have been seeking, whatever your priority – family, work, social, recreational or sports performance. Designed for the needs of busy individuals and teams, this award-winning program is a flexible, scaleable and measurable approach to wellbeing, aligned with the award-winning holistic ASWA Wellness Approach,

Delivered in bite-size sessions within 8 topics, your program is packed with practical tools and techniques to strengthen your capacity and capability to live and lead at your best with:

✅A proven evidence-based framework

✅Self-care techniques to help you to think clearer, eat better, move more, stress less and sleep better

✅Practical application of resilience and mindfulness to avoid burnout

✅Facilitation by industry experts with 25+ years experience

✅100% self-paced virtual delivery to suit you

✅Peer learning and daily support

✅A certificate issued upon completion of your program

Based on Australia’s Gold Coast we deliver this program nationally and internationally to help workplaces support team wellbeing.


Delivering more than just personal guidelines to live and work well, this program is an evidence-based framework for understanding and strengthening your wellbeing skills, combined with peer support to educate and enable you to take control of your wellbeing.

Connection and Community

Personal connections with accredited health and wellness professionals and other like-minded people in the online ASWA wellness community provides access to all the group support and encouragement needed throughout the program – to help you to build resilience, mindfulness, mental clarity and inner peace, for personal wellbeing.


The ASWA Wellness Tracker is included in your Wellness Within Program/s to enable you to measure your wellbeing efforts, determine where to focus your resources and strengthen your outcomes.

For wellness leaders, champions and co-ordinators, have you taken the time to analyse how successful your wellbeing initiatives have been over the last year? Though it can be difficult to measure the real impacts of your wellbeing initiatives – it definitely can be done!

Talk to us about connecting the impact of wellbeing initiatives to business metrics that get the attention of your leadership team.

Personal Outcomes

You can expect the following outcomes from your wellbeing program:

  • self-care strategies and techniques that can be implemented immediately to avoid burnout;
  • increased resilience to shift from chaos to inner calm;
  • more consistent energy levels, mental clarity and better sleep;
  • daily support to achieve and maintain wellbeing;
  • greater mindfulness for healthier relationships, both personally and professionally;

Outcomes for teams

The Wellness Within Program was developed to achieve these three team and community outcomes:
1. To enable individuals and teams to take a proactive preventative approach to their own wellbeing to support them through challenging times.
2. To enable professional communities to collaboratively support one another’s health and wellbeing.
3. To contribute to enhanced workplace and community outcomes through enhancing engagement, wellbeing and connectivity.

In addition to delivering on these three key aims, Wellness Within has been described as a “powerful way to spark conversations which support the cultivation of trust and respect within professional communities.”



  • Eight topics – Resilience, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Breath, Purpose, Values, Movement and Sleep
  • 53 Bite-sized sessions – 5 to 9 mins each on average
  • Videos
  • Downloadable PDF’s chocked-full of information and inspiration
  • The ASWA Wellness Tracker
  • Three diagnostic tools
  • Peer learning and daily support


The format of the Wellness Within Program is designed for the busy professional. The program contains 8 core topics:

  1. Values
  2. Purpose
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Breath
  5. Resilience
  6. Breath
  7. Nutrition
  8. Sleep

Inspired by the incredible research and practices of wellbeing concept pioneers Dr John Travis’ and  Dr Martin Seligman, these 8 principles of wellness are the daily habits that have the greatest impact on your wellbeing.


You have complete control on how quickly or as slowly you travel along your wellness within journey. It’s your wellbeing, it’s your way, as suits your life and work schedule.  You can complete this program in 8 weeks with the investment of 15 minutes 4 days per week however, to enable you to practice integrating your newfound skills into your daily life and work habits for sustainable wellness, you have ongoing access to the program forever. That way, you have complete flexibility to take control of your wellbeing – for a healthier and more harmonious life.

Flexibility and Relevance

We developed this program in consultation with experts in the fields of wellbeing, including Nutrition, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Breath, Resilience and Sleep. Maximum flexibility combined with optimum relevance for living and working in today’s world enables you to achieve and sustain your best life and career.


The Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy’s Wellness Within Program is well respected nationally and internationally for providing individuals and teams with the essential skills to integrate wellness for healthy optimum performance in life and work.

You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your program.

Note that this course does not result in a nationally recognised qualification.


Your investment for a lifetime of wellbeing skills and support is only AU$249 per person

For work teams, community groups and schools, volume pricing is available – Contact us


Unhappy is not in our DNA so if, within the first week of paying for your program, you are unhappy with your Wellness Within program for any reason, you can contact us via phone, email or through the feedback function within the student portal to request your full refund.

Refunds may take 2-4 weeks to process.


Award-winning Skills

As Asia-Pacific’s award-winning leaders in training wellness and management skills, the Wellness Within Program was developed by, and is exclusive to, the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy. Developed in consultation with award-winning industry leaders, this program provides comprehensive, practical skills needed in today’s ever-changing world. Aligned with the latest wellbeing best practices and evidence-based concepts, this innovative and relevant program teaches HOW to embed wellness into daily routines to strengthen individual, team and business performance.



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What others have to say about us:

I've enrolled in your Wellness Within Program today and I've just finished the Wellness Tracker, which I thought was spot on in terms of the results and how it is illustrated ... great work. Looking forward to continuing the program!
Allan Barnett
Brisbane, Australia
As I am passionate about fitness and wellness, I enjoyed every session. I then enrolled into the Diploma to become a qualified workplace wellness professional.
Eddie Zavarce
Recreation Manager – Ayers Rock Resort
Personally, the ASWA Wellness Tracker provides an essential measurement of my wellbeing and importantly, where to focus my time and energy for the greatest impact.
Kelly Davis
People and Culture Manager, Freedom Transport
What gets measured gets managed. For my team and organisation, the ASWA Wellness Tracker provides a benchmark for measuring and monitoring our wellness strategy and initiatives. The Wellness Within program provides the tools, techniques and support for team members to take control of their own wellbeing.
Michael Blackburn
Business Development Manager, Data Services Group
We wanted to roll out a useful and supportive Wellbeing Program for our team. I am also interested in increasing my own wellbeing and leading by example with my team. These positive impacts will also have a flow on effect from our staff, to their own families and also onto our students. I highly recommend the ASWA team and programs.
Paulette Scaife
Team and Culture Leader – Silkwood School
As a people Manager, what I like about this program is that it’s a great proactive option for me to support the wellbeing of my team as well as adding to their professional knowledge base of introductory wellness skills. It is practical, is based on evidence, and encourages self-accountability. It starts as our onboarding program that continues throughout the year as part of the company wellness ethos. My team know that I value them and some team members have gone on to enrol in the Diploma of Wellness - adding to their professional skill set.
Katie McDonald
Wellness and Spa Director, ASWA Corporate Programs client
My Wellness Within program gave me the life skills, inner calm, confidence and support I needed. It is highly practical and effective. I would highly recommend Wellness Within for anybody feeling ‘stuck’ and/or overwhelmed with stress.
Melanie Norman
Wellness Within participant
The reason this program is so good is that it gives people the opportunity to be leaders of their own lives by providing the opportunity to stand back, in a safe and comfortable space, and reflect on what’s going on for them and what they want and need. It allows a pathway for those ‘aha’ moments. Progression and transformation is amazingly quick. We can see the benefits in a measured way with the ASWA Wellness Tracker and most importantly, we can see it physically and mentally, and that’s really satisfying.
Keri Vargis
HR Manager, Green Leaf Resorts

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This self-paced wellbeing program provides the framework, tools, techniques and group support for individuals and teams to strengthen resilience and mindfulness for physical and mental health.

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The 8 Principles of Wellness

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