Wellness Within: Self-paced Online Personal Wellness Program

This program will give you the tools and techniques to achieve and sustain the balanced life you have been seeking, whatever your priority - family, work, social, recreational or sports performance.

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Online - 8 sessions - self paced - start any time - lifetime access - wellness tracking tool - 24/7 group support

Kick-start your health and wellbeing goals

8 sessions – self paced –  lifetime access

It’s Your Wellness – Your Way

All you need to take control of your wellbeing


Delivering more than just personal guidelines to live and work well, this program is an evidence-based framework for understanding your own life and work habits, combined with support from the ASWA community, to inspire and enable your positive transformation.

Wellness Within is an individual wellness education program that has been developed as a flexible, scalable, succinct and supportive framework, delivered in eight bite-size sessions with practical tools and techniques to support you to be well, healthy, happy and high-performing, both personally and professionally.

Connections with wellness practitioners, coaches and mentors and your peers in the like-minded ASWA wellness community, give you all the group support, encouragement and guidance you need throughout the program – to build resilience, mindfulness, mental clarity and inner peace, for your wellbeing.

Measurement is important for successful outcomes. you can measure and track your progression using The ASWA Wellness Tracker.

This holistic program is the ideal solution if you are looking for:

  • practical tools and support to achieve greater work/life balance;
  • health and happiness;
  • increased resilience to stress to be able to shift from chaos to calm;
  • greater mindfulness for positive relationships, both personally and professionally;
  • increased mental clarity for better decision-making;
  • enhanced mood, morale, vitality and creativity from better sleep patterns.
  • avoid burn-out through self-care strategies and techniques that can be implemented immediately;
  • increased engagement and performance in your life and career.


What others have to say about us:

As a people Manager, what I like about this program is that it’s a great proactive option for me to support the wellbeing of my team as well as adding to their professional knowledge base of introductory wellness skills. It is practical, is based on evidence, and encourages self-accountability. It starts as our onboarding program that continues throughout the year as part of the company wellness ethos. My team know that I value them and some team members have gone on to enrol in the Diploma of Wellness - adding to their professional skill set.
Wellness and Spa Director, ASWA Corporate Programs client
My Wellness Within program gave me the life skills, inner calm, confidence and support I needed. It is highly practical and effective. I would highly recommend Wellness Within for anybody feeling ‘stuck’ and/or overwhelmed with stress.
Wellness Within participant
The reason this program is so good is that it gives people the opportunity to be leaders of their own lives by providing the opportunity to stand back, in a safe and comfortable space, and reflect on what’s going on for them and what they want and need. It allows a pathway for those ‘aha’ moments. Progression and transformation is amazingly quick. We can see the benefits in a measured way with the ASWA Wellness Tracker and most importantly, we can see it physically and mentally, and that’s really satisfying.
ASWA Wellness Mentor

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This online self-paced 8-session personal wellness program will give you the nuts and bolts of wellness. You will have all the tools, techniques and group support you need to achieve and sustain greater wellbeing and the more balanced life you have been seeking.


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