Build Resilience - short course

This practical and relevant course provides the underpinning strategies and knowledge to build your resilience for psychological wellbeing and performance.


Self-paced - online - approx 4 hrs - Includes 12-month Personal Wellness Tracker


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Building individual resilience for wellbeing and performance

Resilience is one of the eight Principles of Wellness.

Resilience is the ability to respond positively to adversity.

This short course will help you maintain psychological wellbeing by building your resilience.

With increasing volatility and uncertainty in most work environments today, the ability to bounce back from adversity has never been more valuable.

This practical and relevant course was developed by a highly experienced executive educator with a particular interest in workplace wellbeing, performance and development.

A practical toolkit for strengthening your own resilience as well as your ability to support others, this is the ideal course for developing the capacity to absorb change and rebound from adversity in times of volatility and uncertainty.

You will learn to:

  • Be aware of your own stress triggers and take preventative action to avoid burnout
  • Better understand what stress and resilience are and how resilience can be strengthened or diminished
  • Develop a clearer understanding of your own resilience and identify strategies to build and maintain it
  • Identify elements of your current life and work habits that may be undermining resilience
  • Adopt tools and techniques that promote resilience
  • Take control of your responses to stress.

Includes the ASWA Wellness Tracker to track your resilience and personal wellbeing for 12-months

Your Investment: AU $149

Duration: Approx 4 hours (self-paced)

Certificate: A certificate of completion is provided from the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy upon completion of this course.

Other information: There are no assessment requirements for this short course.

Training is Tax Deductible

Your investment is 100% tax deductible – we recommend you speak to your accountant or finance manager to confirm.

This course is a great taster for the 8 principles of wellness, our award-winning program.

If you enjoy the professional information and community support that you receive in this course, definitely speak to us about enrolling into our nationally recognised  professional career qualification courses.


Not sure which course is the ‘best fit’ for your needs? Contact our friendly team to share their expertise of all things wellness with you.

Enrol now to develop your resilience skills to enhance performance and wellbeing.


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