Wellbeing Skill Set

The 5-day Wellbeing Skill Set course is designed to enable individuals to develop wellbeing skills to thrive both personally and professionally. It is used by leading organisations across Australia and internationally to support the mental health and wellbeing of their employees by developing an understanding of the fundamentals of wellbeing and how to use them [...]

Wellness Within Program – For Individuals & Teams

This 1-day self-paced online mental health and wellbeing course empowers and enables individuals and teams to adapt, grow and thrive in today’s ever-changing environment.

10299NAT Diploma of Wellness (Spa Management)

The accredited Diploma of Wellness Spa Management provides the underpinning skills and knowledge for you to forge a career in wellness spa management.

10299NAT Diploma of Wellness – Leadership Program

This nationally recognised course provides the skills and qualification for a rewarding career leading wellbeing into lives, workplaces and communities.

Build Resilience – short course

This practical and relevant course provides the underpinning strategies and knowledge to build your resilience for psychological wellbeing and performance.

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