How to cultivate a healthy relationship with wellbeing and performance

Mental health and wellbeing at work needs to be much more than a box-ticking exercise. Here’s how companies are getting their people on board. Sometimes organisations take a tokenistic approach to mental health. They’ll host a morning tea around R U Okay? Day or run a one-off resilience workshop as a way to remedy rising stress levels. […]


We choose peace

On September 21st we celebrate The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day. “It is time all nations and all people live up to the words of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which recognizes the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human race. This […]

By ASWA Wellness Team | Personal Wellness . Values . workplace wellness

Leading a life with purpose

The secret to leading a life with purpose and discovering your passion is less about finding an external ‘thing’ as it is about showing up as all of you, and providing yourself with the best possible environment for that to happen. With this approach, every step of the way regardless of how ‘successful’ you are […]


5 Inspiring Reasons Why You Need to Visualise Your Personal Goals

Imagine yourself in a place where you feel totally empowered. You lead an uplifting, successful life where you are fulfilled both personally and professionally. You have purposefully achieved a healthy work / life balance, something that so many strive for, but find elusive. You are mindful, sleep well and have clarity of purpose with every […]

By Allan Bennett | Personal Wellness . Purpose . Values

Are you too busy for yourself?

Being busy, or too busy, or even simply appearing to be busy has become a social commodity. “Work is going good, I’ve been really busy”, “I’m too busy this weekend to catch up, I’ve got so much going on”, “Don’t reply to their message straight away! You need to seem busy”. Whether it is at […]

By Adam Schwartz | Personal Wellness . Resilience . Values

How your personal values and beliefs affect your decisions and behaviour

Our personal values and beliefs have a powerful effect upon our lives. We often form our beliefs about our world and ourselves when we are very young – sometimes before we have learnt to talk! These beliefs guide our life and our decision-making and a lot of these beliefs are unconscious, we learn them from […]

By Jane Faulkner | Mindfulness . Personal Wellness . Values

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The 8 Principles of Wellness

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