Stress Resilience


12 Quotes about Mindfulness from Jon Kabat Zinn

Inspired by Kay McGrath OAM’s keynote at the Bond University Women’s Network event for International Women’s Day and her timely mindfulness quote from Jon Kabat-Zimm, I reflected on my own mindfulness journey and resources that support greater inner calm, particularly during external chaos. As a passionate wellness advocate and the course developer of the nationally […]


Optimum Efficiency VS Burn Out

I’m a firm believer in the adage ‘if you give a busy person something to do they will do it’. I know when I am moping around, with time up my sleeve, I procrastinate and make poor use of my time. When I am flat out and everyone wants a piece of me, I am […]


The wild jungle of feminine work life balance

So who is SHE – this feminine aspect of our nature, and why is our feminine power so important in our work life balance? Even though we may be involved in wellness and devoted to helping others as a vocation, are we fully awake to what SHE can offer us? Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech at […]


Techniques and tips for building your resilience to daily stress

Everyone experiences stress in their lives, however not everyone is negatively impacted by stress. For some, stress connects to their ‘taking action button’ and helps them to achieve the desired result. An example of this is the person who copes well under pressure and deadlines, the adrenal rush of stress fires them up and keeps […]


Your level of happiness is dependent on what you focus on

I was recently at a seminar where the presenter made this statement, “Your level of happiness is dependent on what you focus on.”  That comment really resonated very deeply with me, and so as I pondered on the statement I wondered “what” I was focused on. I ask you the same question, “What are you […]


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The 8 Principles of Wellness

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