Integrating workable wellness into organisations

Expertise in wellness integration means better strategic outcomes for your organisation. Meaningful workplace initiatives that are implemented, actioned and monitored will not only cultivate a healthy and positive workplace culture, as discussed in the article titled What is a wellness initiative? they also enhance sustainability. Workable initiatives are more likely to result in outcomes that are […]


Leading a life with purpose

The secret to leading a life with purpose and discovering your passion is less about finding an external ‘thing’ as it is about showing up as all of you, and providing yourself with the best possible environment for that to happen. With this approach, every step of the way regardless of how ‘successful’ you are […]


Champions of change leading wellness in workplaces

When individuals grow and thrive, organisations grow and thrive. Change is needed within our workplaces if we are to thrive at our best. Yes, it starts at the top and is cultivated, however, like all other key focuses of a business, there needs to be a leader driving wellness within the organisation on a daily […]


If You Think It’s Just About Goal Setting Then You’ve Missed the Point!

How many times have you set a personal Goal and not achieved it? Did you become side tracked? Was it too hard to achieve? Did you feel disappointed in yourself? There is speculation that setting Goals can be detrimental because if you don’t succeed, then you feel a failure for not achieving the Goal. On […]

By Allan Bennett | Goal setting . Personal Wellness . Purpose

So you want to start a business? 7 tips for success

Owning your business is so exciting, you have the opportunity to make your own path, embrace your creative freedom and build something uniquely yours.  Statistics say that up to 90% of businesses fail but you can dramatically improve those odds by following the right steps and paying attention to the details that others overlook. Here […]


Communicate with influence to cultivate a healthy workplace culture

Have you ever encountered a person with real presence; a person that was able to command the attention of a room with a few simple words? Have you ever come across a person that is able to articulate a vision in a compelling way that has made you stand up and listen? Perhaps they did […]

By Holly Small | Leadership . Purpose . workplace wellness

Build and strengthen your ‘dream team’ to create and innovate

Do you remember having the best time at work? You start your day normally and by the time you leave, you are high fiving everyone? Or have you had the misfortune of crunching on eggshells because one person needs everyone to know just how they feel…rotten! How do you build or strengthen that team of awesomeness? […]

By Tahi Cody | Leadership . People . Purpose

5 Inspiring Reasons Why You Need to Visualise Your Personal Goals

Imagine yourself in a place where you feel totally empowered. You lead an uplifting, successful life where you are fulfilled both personally and professionally. You have purposefully achieved a healthy work / life balance, something that so many strive for, but find elusive. You are mindful, sleep well and have clarity of purpose with every […]

By Allan Bennett | Personal Wellness . Purpose . Values

Delivering wellness experiences – the differences between retreats and spas

For all the therapists, practitioners and healers that have worked in both spa and retreat environments, you know that there are some clear distinctions between HOW wellness experiences are delivered  in these two different settings. Let me take you through my thoughts on the key differences, drawing from my experience. Firstly, forming a relationship with […]


Passion and purpose is where motivation is born

Motivation has to come from within for it to last. At some point in our lives, many of us will resort to seeking motivation outside of ourselves; we look for other people or things to inspire us. Whether it be motivation to exercise or eat well and take care of our bodies or the motivation […]

By Holly Small | Leadership . Personal Wellness . Purpose

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The 8 Principles of Wellness

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