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Discover mindfulness techniques that you can use immediately

Mindfulness is all about “living in the present”. Most of us will have experienced a situation, such as driving a car and arriving at our destination only to realise we remember nothing about the journey. Or perhaps, you can relate to starting to eat a packet of chips and then suddenly noticing all you had […]

By Dr. Buathon Thienarrom | Breath . Mindfulness . Personal Wellness

Six steps to greater inner peace

Being at peace with yourself requires practice, most of us are great at noticing our faults and criticising ourselves, and we need to learn how to be present and to be kind to ourselves! Our brains get stuck in certain trains of thought- we form mental habits that can be really negative and destructive. We […]

By Jane Faulkner | Mindfulness . Personal Wellness . Resilience . Stress

Living a life with passion

The secret to living a life with passion and discovering your purpose is less about finding an external ‘thing’ as it is about showing up as all of you, and providing yourself with the best possible environment for that to happen. With this approach, every step of the way regardless of how ‘successful’ you are […]


Apply Mindfulness In Daily Life

Meditation is not confined to the traditional method of shutting off the outside world. We can apply the principle of meditation(focused and extended concentration) to our daily lives.  So if you are having difficulty finding the time or the inclination to meditate in the traditional sense the following method may be an alternative. Have you […]

By Carolyn Jayne | Mindfulness . Personal Wellness

Wellness Demystified – Simplifying the Concept of Wellness

The world of wellness can be mightily confusing. There is a glut of information out there on how to eat, how to exercise, how to parent, how to become successful, how to handle stress and how to be happy. There are experts on everything. So, whose advice should we follow? Which course of action should […]


Five Steps to Shift from Chaos to Calm

Are you feeling stressed? Is your life filled with chaos and dramas? Do you find yourself not coping well at work and then bringing your work challenges home so that your family life is also impacted? Are you a member of a team where there is disharmony? Stress makes you feel sick! It is a […]


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The 8 Principles of Wellness

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