The lowdown on gluten

I see it everywhere, gluten free bread, gluten free cakes, gluten free options on restaurant menus, it has become a tsunami of changing diets and eating habits that the food companies can barely keep up with.  But is it just that? A fad, a new diet version of restriction or difference, something trendy to help […]


Why sugar is highly addictive and effective tips to break the ‘sweet cycle’

Sugar is a highly addictive substance.  Even rats prefer sugar to cocaine. Our brains are wired for reward, it is part of our survival instinct, the primary force behind human survival.  Anything that creates a release of dopamine in our brain (a neurotransmitter) will induce a feeling of pleasure we want to repeat.  Similar to […]


How to read food labels at the supermarket

Have you ever picked up a product and turned it round to scan the ingredients only to find yourself confused by all the information and convoluted figures?  When did it get so busy on our packets and what does it all mean? Here’s some guidelines on how to read food labels at the supermarket for […]


Your level of happiness is dependent on what you focus on

I was recently at a seminar where the presenter made this statement, “Your level of happiness is dependent on what you focus on.”  That comment really resonated very deeply with me, and so as I pondered on the statement I wondered “what” I was focused on. I ask you the same question, “What are you […]


Discover why being healthy is key for successful weight management

It may sound completely obvious, but the best way to experience a healthy weight, is to remain or to be healthy.  Your body finds it much easier to stay in a healthy weight range when everything is in harmony and is not struggling with being overweight, or diabetic with a poor functioning thyroid or any […]


The two key steps for eating well when busy

It can be tricky to continue eating well in the face of the airport food court or when sitting at your work desk or even on the road.  Making good food choices is not always the easiest option when faced with a bank of fast food chains and enticing smells when you are hungry and […]


What do the ‘dirty dozen’ and ‘clean fifteen’ have to do with clean eating?

For me, clean eating means filling our plates with healthy foods, most of the time. In other words, eating foods that are as close to their natural state as possible and avoiding processed foods wherever possible. Ok, so here is the worst, to my mind, that we can feed ourselves: The least loveable! Margarines and […]


Choco Charlie Cookies – a healthy alternative for kids

Discovering nutrition and sustainable wellness principles at a young age is a great start for kids to learn positive lifestyle practices. We love this Choco Charlie Cookie recipe from the Sparkly Souls Club at St Hilda’s school on the Gold Coast, Australia, where the primary school students are learning about optimum nutrition and wellbeing skills […]


Eating Mindfully

Not only is it important to be mindful of the foods we choose to provide nutrition for our bodies but also how we nourish ourselves. What I mean by this, is how consciously do we eat our food? Do we sit in front of the TV and eat without really noticing what is on our […]


Clean Eating

We have all seen this written but what does it really mean and should we be following the latest diet trend or food fad that is bound to change again in another 6 months? There is so much false information masquerading under pseudo-science and it is confusing unless you have an expert eye for such […]


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The 8 Principles of Wellness

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