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Mental health & WHS culture units added to Diploma of Wellness Leadership Qualification

It’s been a long work in progress… So I am delighted to announce that the revised Nationally Recognised 11047 Diploma of Wellness Leadership Qualification now has the following additions: ✅Mental Health Response & Support (Psychological safety & psychosocial components) – new unit added ✅WHS Positive Culture Strategy Development – new unit added ✅Develop & Manage […]


What does ISO 45003 mean for your workplace mental health and wellbeing?

What is ISO 45003 and how can this history-making standard help drive a much-needed shift in the understanding and implementation of health, safety and wellbeing? Let’s answer these questions in turn. Health and safety, reborn Published in June 2021, ISO 45003 is a big deal. Why? For the very first time, it provides a formal […]


A Foolproof Formula To Shift From Freeze to Flow State

With all the changes and unknowns that we’ve had to contend with over the past two years, many of our clients working in organisations within various roles, and across states and sectors, have shared that employees are feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘frozen’, particularly over the past 12 months. Most people are very aware of the fight […]


Workers’ compensation claims for mental health on the rise

There were 120,355 serious workers’ compensation claims in 2019-2020 according to a new Safe Work Australia report, which found that 31 per cent of serious claims were for illness and diseases – and of these, mental health conditions were the most common. The Australian workers’ compensation statistics 2019-20 report from Safework Australia found that three industries […]

By ASWA Wellness Team | Mental Health and wellbeing

15 ways to find your way back from burnout

Preventing burnout protects your overall health and wellbeing, as well as your career. However, if the way you work changed radically over the past year, your old defences may not be enough. How do you know if you’re burned out? Some of the most common signs include irritability, depression, and lack of motivation. You feel […]


14 easy ways to wake up without coffee

  De-caf-alon: The challenge of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you.  Have you noticed yourself relying on coffee more than ever to shake off the morning grogginess yet, still finding yourself feeling lethargic? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, an estimated 75 percent of Australian adults drink at least […]

By ASWA Wellness Team | Mental Health and wellbeing . Nutrition

10 ways to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Never before have we needed to be more aware of our own mental state, in addition to that of those who are in our work community. Our staff members, colleagues, partners, peers, suppliers, and, most importantly, our customers are all human, just like ourselves. It’s imperative that we protect the mental health of ourselves and of one another, […]

By ASWA Wellness Team | Workplace health and wellbeing

How workplace wellness is being redefined

Facilitating the growth of emotional intelligence through mindfulness results in positive outcomes, like better mental health, overall life satisfaction and greater wellbeing of individuals and work teams. Here’s an inspiring example of how Stephanie Jenkins, one of our Diploma of Wellness Leadership Program students, implemented her course learnings to achieve her goal of supporting the wellbeing of her team, particularly during the […]

By ASWA Wellness Team | Workplace health and wellbeing

Why are managers the key to wellbeing?

Today we are facing a growing epidemic of stress, burnout, and plummeting levels of overall health and well-being. This is a crisis that has been brewing and was only exacerbated by the pandemic. This crisis is impacting every organisation, every team, and every employee. So, who’s the best person to fix this problem? You might think it’s […]

By ASWA Wellness Team | Leadership . Workplace health and wellbeing

An evaluation of Amazons’ wellness program – what we can learn

With all of the news surrounding Amazon’s new wellness program and lots of people weighing in (Mashable, The Verge, Gizmodo) with little to no workplace well-being expertise, we put together our thoughts to shed some light from an expert lens. THE FACTS ABOUT THE PROGRAM It was announced this week that Amazon launched a new wellness program for their […]

By ASWA Wellness Team | Workplace health and wellbeing

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