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Lead by Angela Derks, our Consulting Team offers a wide variety of expert consulting to assist in designing the best wellbeing solution for your organisation.  Consultants work to understand culture, goals, and initiatives to help build a strategy and training program that delivers an exceptional experience that supports the wellbeing of employees and customers.

Our decades of experience in providing strategic advice and skills training of wellness in a business context means we are one of the few teams with real crisis response experience having successfully navigated the global impacts of SARS and Tsunamis in Asia, as well as the GFC. We know how to help leaders drive their organisation forward into unchartered territory and to thrive.

With a plethora of national and international award-winning wellness consulting projects behind us, we work with you to develop a solution that truly fits with your unique people and culture and that supports your business goals and objectives. We do this with our international award-winning holistic approach to wellness.

With expertise in many different areas of wellness programming, such as nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, resilience, and business analysis, we can help your employees make positive lifestyle choices that enable them to adapt, deliver, grow and thrive.

Our customised wellness solutions that focus on best outcomes for people and business include:

  • Developing your wellbeing strategy and solutions plan to support your strategic objectives
  • Alignment of your health and wellbeing strategy to the United Nations Sustainability Goals
  • Harnessing health and wellbeing to create a safe, agile and thriving workforce
  • Experts to fill your wellness committee, advisory or board position
  • Placement of a professionally qualified Wellness Leader to support your team
  • Strategic advice to infuse wellbeing into your organisation structure, systems and procedures
  • Design advice of physical spaces to promote health and wellbeing
  • Wellness training programs to develop wellbeing capabilities
  • Measurement, assessment and recommendations of the health and wellbeing strategy and action plan
  • Wellness toolkits for teams and individuals
  • Flexible wellness training programs for your team
  • Professional development of your managers with our Wellness Leadership qualification – Exclusive to ASWA
  • Expert coaching and mentoring of your designated Wellness Leader
  • Design of evidence-based practical and sustainable wellbeing experiences

PILLAR 1 Wellness Foundations

  • Prevention rather than intervention
  • The Fundamentals: Eight Principles of Wellness
  • Company guidelines
  • Induction program integration
  • Wellness checklist

PILLAR 2 Lead Well Fundamentals

  • Effective management and leadership skills training
  • Cultivate a healthy and well workplace culture
  • Stay interviews
  • Reward and recognition program
  • Policies and procedures

PILLAR 3 Sustainable Success

  • Management strategy and implementation
  • Risk management and retention strategies
  • Innovative initiatives to forge sustainability
  • Annual operations reviews
  • Monitoring and evaluation reports

What others have to say about us:

The ASWA team are professional, customer orientated and are there to assist you in any way possible. I highly recommend Angela, the ASWA team and the Diploma of Wellness.
Paulette Scaife
Team and Culture Leader – Silkwood School
People need to feel safe coming to work and to be able to bring their whole self to work. With a team of approx. 100 people and an environment that is fast paced and ever changing, employee wellbeing is key to having a productive and engaged team. ASWA has helped us form strategies on how to create an environment that promotes health, safety and wellbeing.
Melissa Blanks
Business Manager, First State Super
ASWA’s concept of providing roadmaps for wellness in life, workplaces and businesses, are excellent innovations that provide opportunity for leaders, and future leaders, to participate in innovative and valuable development programs.
Natalie Singh
People and Culture Business Partner - Health Club Industry, Australia
What gets measured gets managed. For my team and organisation, the ASWA Wellness ROI Calculator and Wellness Tracker provide relevant data and benchmarks for measuring and monitoring our wellbeing strategy and initiatives to shift from reactive to prevention-focused.
Michael Blackburn
Business Development Manager, Data Services Group
The ASWA Wellness Tracker provides a great overall snapshot of an individual or a group to determine and prioritise wellbeing needs as a basis for developing a wellbeing business case and strategic planning purposes.
Stephanie Jenkins
Zoos Australia
The ASWA team are professional, customer orientated and are there to assist you in any way possible. I highly recommend Angela and the ASWA team.
Paulette Scaife
Team and Culture Leader – Silkwood School

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