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The ASWA Consulting Team offers a wide variety of expert consulting to assist in designing a ‘best fit’ wellbeing solution for your people and your organisation.  Consultants work to understand culture, goals, and initiatives to help build a strategy that delivers a robust, contemporary roadmap based on best practice to effectively support the mental health and wellbeing of your valued employees.

Our decades of experience in providing strategic advice and skills training of wellbeing in a business and workplace context, combined with a plethora of national and international award-winning wellbeing projects behind us, we work with you to develop an effective solution that supports your people, safety and sustainability objectives. We do this with the international award-winning ASWA Approach to Wellbeing.

Prevent, Protect and Support

Workplace stress costs businesses an estimated $3,230 dollars per employee every year with sickness and absenteeism. That’s a lot of dollars that businesses could be redirecting into activities with higher profit potential, if they were effectively managing wellbeing within the workplace.

The Australian Human Resources Institute states that “Some of the benefits an organisation can expect to receive should they choose to adopt employee wellbeing initiatives include:

  • Improved productivity and quality of work being produced improved overall morale and culture of the organisation
  • Increase in retention rates
  • The ability to be able to attract quality candidates who can see the company values employees health and wellbeing, shows they care about the individual and fulfills social corporate responsibilities
  • Avoiding high costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism, injury & illness.”

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