Prevention is our approach to workplace wellbeing

Workplace stress costs the Australian economy $15 billion dollars every year, with sickness and absenteeism costing organisations an estimated $3,230 dollars per employee every year. Considering the costs associated with not providing some kind of program, workplace wellness strategies and initiatives are an essential part of any sustainable business plan.

“The workplace has an obligation to ensure the work and the work environment does not lead to injury or illness. Managing chronic disease risks can influence and improve worker health and safety performances  and ultimate business outcomes by taking an effective holistic approach. Employers adopting early intervention strategies that address chronic disease risks can help to reduce physical and psychological injury and improve return to work outcomes.” – SAFE WORK AUSTRALIA

The bottom line

We understand that organisations are commercial entities and the numbers need to work for sustainability purposes too. We are happy to work with you and provide an array of facts, figures and best practice guidelines to kick start, or add value to, your current employee health, safety, wellbeing and support programs.

Cultivating wellness from within

To create any type of cultural shift, the core of the organisation must support wellness from an inside out approach. Our holistic approach to corporate wellness is the foundation of our accredited programs that have been specifically designed to do exactly that. To integrate wellness into organisations, starting from within by inspiring and empowering employees daily, resulting in a positive and measurable ripple effect throughout the organisation and community.

Wellness is a cultural shift that will benefit the organisation as a whole with happier, healthier and more engaged employees. Many organisations are focused on offering wellness activities, yet commonly it’s simply the ticking of the box for a wellness program that realistically doesn’t add value for employees. For example, organising one health and wellness fair a year with free health assessments is a wellness “activity” but it is a one day a year event rather than a strategic approach. One off activities, events and workshops can certainly support your wellness program however, this is not usually effective for sustainable wellness within an organisation. The goal is to cultivate wellness year round in a way that integrates wellness into the everyday employee work experience.

Engagement and performance thrive in well workplaces

The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is an engaged brain. The healthier we are, the more engaged we are in our workplaces. When individuals are thriving with work and life harmony, organisations are more likely to thrive with greater engagement, productivity, resilience, creativity and retention.

Employee engagement creates a significant increase in productivity.  Some studies put the benefit of this at 500%, meaning that for every $1 they spend on workplace wellness they receive $5 worth of productivity increase as a result*. Now that’s an ROI worth consideration!

*Sources: Health and Productivity Institute of Australia, Workcover Australia, Safe Work Australia, Australian Psychological Society’s Stress and Wellbeing Survey, Medibank Private.

© Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy. Originally published in the “Workplace Wellness Guide: 6 steps to achieve wellness in your workplace” 2017

 Nurturing the humans behind the numbers

We all deserve to be able to support our personal wellness goals when we are in the workplace. Effective workplace wellness programs offer opportunities for people to thrive at their personal best, which collectively contributes to the organisation thriving at its best. A more engaged, motivated, purposeful and productive team, with lower absenteeism and presenteeism, workers compensation, safety and turnover costs that can substantially boosts your bottom line.

Our programs are developed in alignment with the proven best practice guidelines and comprehensive industry consultation with leading employers.

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