The bottom line

We understand that organisations are commercial entities and the numbers need to work for financial sustainability purposes. We work with your team and current organisational infrastructure to add value to your strategic plan, goals and objectives with our wellbeing solutions.

Nurturing the humans behind the numbers

We all deserve to be able to be safe and well when we are in our place of work. A healthy workplace culture supports people to thrive at their personal best, which collectively contributes to the organisation thriving at its best. A more engaged, motivated, purposeful and productive team, with lower absenteeism, workers compensation, safety and turnover costs can substantially boost your bottom line.

Our nationally recognised courses and professional development programs are developed in alignment with evidence-based wellbeing principles, proven best practice guidelines and comprehensive consultation with industry and health, safety and wellbeing experts.

Prevention is our approach

Workplace stress costs businesses an estimated $3,230 dollars per employee every year with sickness and absenteeism. That’s a lot of dollars that businesses could be redirecting into activities with higher profit potential, if they were effectively managing wellbeing within the workplace.

“The workplace has an obligation to ensure the work and the work environment does not lead to injury or illness. Managing chronic disease risks can influence and improve worker health and safety performances  and ultimate business outcomes by taking an effective holistic approach. Employers adopting early intervention strategies that address chronic disease risks can help to reduce physical and psychological injury and improve return to work outcomes.” – SAFE WORK AUSTRALIA

The Australian Human Resources Institute states that “Some of the benefits an organisation can expect to receive should they choose to adopt employee wellbeing initiatives include:

  • Improved productivity and quality of work being produced improved overall morale and culture of the organisation
  • Increase in retention rates
  • The ability to be able to attract quality candidates who can see the company values employees health and wellbeing, shows they care about the individual and fulfills social corporate responsibilities
  • Avoiding high costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism, injury & illness.”

We love discussing wellness management strategies and plans so CONTACT US to explore how we can work with you to cultivate a healthier and higher-performing culture in your organisation today.

Check out our programs for:

    • Creating a rewarding career as a wellness leader in organisations
    • A flexible, cost-effective and scalable employee wellness program – to empower and support the health and wellbeing of team members