Marney Perna is the author of ‘Creating Calm amid Chaos’, where Marney’s intention was to provide a practical go-to guide for building stress resilience. Her passion for helping others spans from her work as a registered professional kinesiologist and as a regular invited guest speaker on a range of topics in the health and wellness field. Marney’s clinic Kinique Natural Therapies specialises in stress resilience, women’s health and children with learning challenges.

She holds a Diploma of Kinesiology, Certificate IV Small Business Management and is a qualified JP.

Marney has facilitated over 1000 individual therapeutic consultations over the past ten years. She is passionate about helping others to release the burdens they carry and prioritise their own health and wellbeing. She holds regular workshops in stress management and goal setting to help people take responsibility for their health and implement positive changes in their lives.

Marney fully understands how busy life can be when juggling a family, a business and volunteer community contributions. She will encourage you to give yourself permission to prioritise your health and feel the very best you can, while sharing tips and techniques to help you achieve work and life balance whilst approaching your life with zest and excitement.