Caroline Scott BHSc (Nutrition & Dietetics)

Caroline Scott is a rule breaker. She is unconventional, a communicator, an educator and has a flair for making the unintelligible, understandable. She has a passion for health and helping people achieve their optimum wellbeing. She wants to see children living vibrantly, free from allergies and disease.

As a holistic dietitian, she has spent the past 15 years working collaboratively with local government, integrative doctors, naturopaths, chefs and health retreats. She has co-authored a cookbook for children reflecting her nutrition philosophy, of using only whole foods for good health. She is committed to helping people prevent and reverse disease. She loves helping others to achieve their outcomes by encouraging everyone she meets to keep reaching until they attain their highest goals in health, happiness, joy and passion.

Committed to organic food and farming as the only path forward for an ecologically sustainable future in food security as well as good nutrition, Caroline involves herself in local projects, supporting organic farmers, suppliers, farmers markets as well as community garden projects.

Caroline will help you to examine your relationship with food and learn about true nourishment and optimal wellbeing.