Allan Bennett

A quiet achiever, originally from England, Allan worked for many years as Credit Analysis Manager for a vehicle leasing firm in Swindon, Wiltshire.  Allan’s attention to detail and his approachable manner saw him progress to Collections Manager where he led a team of twenty to successfully recoup 20 million dollars in overdue debts. Always planning ahead to the next stage in life Allan migrated with his family to Brisbane where he co-managed a successful family Real Estate business with his wife in Victoria Point.

A turning point in Allan’s life occurred when he came to terms with significant weight gain and personal issues he was experiencing. Acknowledging the struggle he was facing, Allan found clarity around what he wanted to achieve which prompted him to seek help to deal with his anxiety and depression.

Allan visualised his dreams and set clear goals with milestones and he emerged from the other side with renewed purpose and happiness.

Allan has made a pact with himself to share what he has learnt, and help others move forward in their lives. Hence the creation of Manage my Rainbow. According to Allan, a rainbow is a positive symbol of happiness, hope, inclusion, promise and purpose, all central to the messages Allan will be sharing with you.