Passion and purpose is where motivation is born

Passion and purpose is where motivation is born

Motivation has to come from within for it to last. At some point in our lives, many of us will resort to seeking motivation outside of ourselves; we look for other people or things to inspire us. Whether it be motivation to exercise or eat well and take care of our bodies or the motivation to succeed at work or even just to get up in the morning and go to work, expecting this to come from an external source is fruitless. We need to find and harness that drive from within.

Ok, that’s good and well. How do you find and harness that drive? Quite simply, when you love what you are doing, motivation comes far more easily. If you are living your life pursing things that do not excite you, inspire you, challenge you in a positive way and generally make you happy, then finding and maintaining motivation to succeed in any endeavour is going to be far more difficult.

Please understand that I’m not oblivious to the fact that the concept of doing what you love can seem like an impossible feat.  We all need to make money to survive and sometimes our passions fall into less lucrative categories than the degrees we have completed and careers we have chosen. Most of us will have to do things – or at least feel we have to – throughout our lives that are less than desirable. Perhaps your job is a means to an end, which is fine, but if this is the case, then you are probably struggling to find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning to go to work. If work feels like a constant battle and you feel like your creativity is being stifled or you are not feeling challenged, then no amount of self-reflection, introspection or positive self-talk is going to get you truly motivated until you make some changes.

The same principles apply to other areas of your life such as your health, fitness and overall wellness. Some people genuinely enjoy sweating it out in a gym on their own or going for a 10km run. Other people find the thought of pushing weights and running on a treadmill to be less appealing than childbirth.

Remember, you are in charge of your life and how you feel about it. If life is not exciting you, then make the changes necessary for you to get excited. I have been there, unable to get out of my own way, expecting things to change around me. Nothing was going to change until I stopped waiting for other people or things to inspire me. I put time into getting back in touch with the things that excite me, the things that motivate me, and my end goals. Harnessing these things is what helps you to live a life according to your passion and your purpose – the fundamental philosophy upon which all ASWA courses are founded. When you find and harness that incredible power within you can truly start to direct your energy towards the things that make you thrive.

This week I want you to take some time to think about your life. Think about work, health, fitness and everything in between. Do any of these areas feel like a struggle? Are you dragging yourself through your commitments or are you owning them and giving your all? If the answer is the latter, then go you, keep doing what you are doing because you are living! If it’s the former, I want you to think about why you are not enthused. Then, ask yourself if there is something you could change, implement or remove from that area.

Your life is in your hands. You are the only person that can motivate you. Identify your passion and purpose and you will find your inner light – it’s up to you!


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Holly Small is a Pilates instructor and personal trainer, wellness blogger and Public Relations professional. A balanced life is a fulfilled life – that is Holly’s philosophy.